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Usefull Information - Pool Care

The maintenance of a fiberglass pool is a fraction of that of a cement or gunite swimmingpool. Time is money, and sometimes when time is tight a pool maintenance company will need to be contracted. With a fiberglass pool it is much more likely that you will NOT need a maintenance company, saving you money every month.

Fiberglass pools do not have a problem with algae. We all know the sad and disgusting sight of a pool that has green water and green walls. This will not happen with a fiberglass pool.

There are no surfaces that will need to be refinished as with a cement pool.

Most fiberglass pools have a warranty up to 15 years!!

Most people are surprised to learn that a fiberglass pool is many times stronger than a cememnt pool. Some up to 17 times stronger than cement.

Fiberglass also is a bit flexible. The bottom of the pool can bend up to two feet inwards. This is important in areas where earth movement may be an issue, or when flood water may push on the pool from beneath.

So - There are many factors in fiberglass swimming pool prices, not just the installation cost. A fiberglass pool may turn out to be the best option for longtime budgeting.