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A Baracuda G2 has a 36 - finned disc.


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Planning Your Pool - Renovating your pool

If your pool area has seen slightly better days and leaves you feeling a little gloomy whenever you look at it, it's time to consider renovating your pool.

Pool Renovation Tips

A pool should be an asset to your space as it is the ultimate outdoor design feature. It's quite amazing what a few simple steps can do to inject new life into your pool area.

Resurfacing Your Pool

Revitalise tired and porous surfaces by resurfacing your pool. When your surface becomes porous your pool begins to look dirty regardless of your pool care regime. It also results in lots of scraped toes and unhappy faces. Consult your local pool professional to find out more about the surfacing options available to you.

The Devil's in the Details

By adding a mosaic trim, a new lighting system or choosing pool care equipment that complements your pool you will see a major difference in no time at all.

An Exterior Facelift

It is truly amazing what new paving or decking around your swimming pool can do for its appearance. The options here are almost limitless and range from tiles and bricks to pebbles and cherry wood. Remember to choose something practical that features longevity. All you need to do is chat to your local pool professional to get a better idea of the options available to you.

A Design Feature

A gorgeous water feature will enhance your pool's appearance and provide soothing sounds day and night. Landscaping the area around your pool can also do wonders for its appearance. Choose foliage that complements both your pool and your entire garden. If your outdoor furniture is looking a little drab try refurbishing it or purchasing a new set - you will be amazed by the dramatic difference this will make to your backyard paradise. For a true sanctuary to be created each and every element should blend seamlessly.

The Whole 9 Yards

If simply adding a few new touches here and there just won't do, you can always completely redesign your space. Select a new type or shape of pool and let the makeover begin.

Renovating and updating your pool and its surroundings is more exciting than you'd think. With a variety of features and options to choose from, your outdoor living space can be completely transformed from drab to fab.



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