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Planning Your Pool - Pool Types

Before you can make a decision on what type of pool you want built you need to spend a moment considering what the primary purpose of your pool will be. Then also consider the following:

  • How much space you have in your garden?
  • Will you want to swim laps?
  • Would you prefer a smaller pool just for cooling off?

As there is such a huge variety of options available you could, quite literally, have a pool built to any style, shape and size that you can imagine. Think about your needs and your budget and decide which of the following pool types you love the most.

Lap Pool: This is the type of pool you'll want to investigate if you are interested in keeping fit by swimming laps. Usually quite long and narrow, 15m is the standard in order to use this pool for its intended purpose.

Play Pool: If your kids are mad about playing games in the pool this is the perfect choice for you. Typically they are no deeper than 1.5m, so you'll be able to enjoy endless games of volley ball and use it to swim laps - just remember, no diving!

Infinity Pool: If you dream of a pool that seems to go on forever, this is the pool type for you. Infinity pools have become exceptionally popular over that last few years and are ideal for achieving the feel of a tranquil oasis in your backyard.

Perimeter Overflow Pool: This pool type will give your garden a designer edge. The water level is the same as the decking which surrounds it and gives the impression that the body of water is a massive mirror - truly stunning.

Spool: Sounds rather strange but a spool is a spa and pool combination and is essentially an unusually large spa that is perfect for homeowners with smaller gardens.

Diving Pool: We all know that diving can be quite dangerous, so if you want to build a diving pool remember that it will need to be at least 2.6m deep. Please consult your pool building professional to determine whether your space can adhere to diving pool standards.

These are only 6 of the pool types available to you, for more information on styles and pool types please consult a professional.


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