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A Baracuda G2 has a 36 - finned disc.


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Planning Your Pool - Choosing a Location

Now that you've decided that a swimming pool would be the perfect addition to your home you'll, need to consider where to place your pool.

Front or Back?

Most homeowners choose to build a pool in their backyard as it is far more private. Some do, however, construct them in the front garden but this is only advisable if you construct a high enough wall that offers sufficient security and privacy. When considering the placement of your pool, don't forget to consider the view from both inside and outside your home.

Shape vs. Area

From here, you can decide what shape of pool you want and consider where it should be constructed. Or you can choose the area where you'd like to build a pool and see what shape would be best suited to it. Remember that it's not just the pool itself that needs to be accommodated but the paving, fence around it and pool accessories too.

Consulting a pool planning professional is a good idea as they will be able to tell you which shape would best suit your needs and whether or not it would actually be possible to construct a pool in your desired location.

Envision Your New Pool

Once you've made the decision on where the pool is going to be located you can get creative. Your pool is not just functional but a design element and the accessories you use, furniture you choose and foliage you surround it with can make the world of difference. Surround yourself with beauty and imagine the perfect backyard oasis in your mind's eye.

Now that you have a vision, it's time to view the various pool shapes suitable to your location.


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