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Myth: Your automatic pool cleaner needs to clean the whole pool and climb up steps as well. Fact: Your automatic pool cleaner is designed to clean the surface and walls of your pool only. They cannot climb your steps.


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Planning Your Pool - Building your pool

Once you've considered your options for location, shape and type of pool the next step is the all important build. While your builder will take care of all of the major construction you should spend some time considering the external surfaces and features of your new swimming pool.

Your Pool's Exterior Surface

Gone are the days of a simple metre of brick paving running around your pool. Today the surfaces you can choose from are almost limitless. Pools have become design features and the materials available for the surfaces will complement your new pool beautifully.

Brick paving is still a popular option but you can also choose from slate tiles, pebbles and decking to name but a few. Many homeowners also choose to extend their patio to meet the pool and surround the rest of it with grass - the choice is yours!

It is, however, important that you choose practical and safe materials as they will need to complement your pool and your home and not get too slippery when wet.

The Addition of Water Features in the Build

Your swimming pool is the perfect place for a water feature as water will continually circulate. Add a touch of magic to your pool and be soothed by the tranquil sound of running water by building a water feature with your pool.

A Pool for Every Occasion

Building a spa and a pool or a spa and pool combination has become exceptionally popular over the last few years. What this does is offer you the best of both worlds - a place to cool down and a place to soak up some gorgeous heat. A combination of the two is a wonderful idea!

Find out more about building a spa pool.


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